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Depression services offered in Columbia, MD

Depression can seem to take over every part of your life: From your work or school productivity to personal relationships to sleep. Anandraj Mattai, MD, and the other providers at Innovative Psychiatry, LLC, in Columbia, Maryland, provide depression evaluations and personalized care for adults and adolescents. To schedule an appointment, call Innovative Psychiatry, LLC, or book online today. 

What is depression?

Depression is a prevalent mental health disorder that causes persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and a loss of interest in life. While sadness and grief throughout life are normal in response to unpleasant or even devastating events, depression tends to set in without a particular cause. 

Having depression can influence how you think, productivity, sleep, and relationships. You might notice multiple behavioral changes as depression develops over time, such as increased or decreased eating, spending lots of time in bed, or struggling to keep up with work or school responsibilities. 

Your provider at Innovative Psychiatry, LLC assesses your thoughts and emotions with a psychiatric evaluation and uses the results to develop a plan to help you manage your depression symptoms. 

What are the most common symptoms of depression?

The symptoms of depression vary among individuals who have it. They can vary in intensity and even change over the course of your life. A few of the most common symptoms of depression are:

  • Sadness
  • Hopelessness
  • Pessimism
  • Guilt
  • Irritability
  • Appetite changes
  • Sleep changes
  • Low energy or fatigue
  • Aches and pains
  • Suicidal thoughts

Depression affects adults, adolescents, and even children. There are many factors at play in causing depression, including genetics, hormones, and environmental factors. The condition often co-occurs with other mental health disorders, such as anxiety. 

How can I manage depression?

Innovative Psychiatry, LLC provides detailed evaluations and professional treatment for depression in adults and adolescents. Following your initial mental health evaluation, your provider might suggest getting pharmacogenomic testing using the GeneSight® test. The results indicate which medications may be most effective for managing your mental health.

Antidepressants are a class of medication that treat depression. They work in different ways by altering your brain chemistry to improve your mood and outlook. Alongside therapy, antidepressants are very effective. However, you might need to try a couple of different types before finding what works for you.

Psychotherapy or counseling helps you recognize thought patterns and change them to manage your mood or behavior. Therapy sessions for depression at Innovative Psychiatry, LLC last for 50 minutes and have flexible scheduling with weekend hours available.

For treatment-resistant depression, Innovative Psychiatry, LLC offers transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). This treatment alters mood centers in the brain using noninvasive magnetic pulses. 

If you or a loved one experiences symptoms of depression, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment by calling Innovative Psychiatry, LLC or booking online today.