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Testing services offered in Columbia, MD

Various tests in psychiatry offer your provider valuable insight into the treatments that will work best for you. At Innovative Psychiatry, LLC, in Columbia, Maryland, Anandraj Mattai, MD, and the other mental health care providers use advanced testing services to streamline and improve the quality of care. Schedule your appointment for psychiatric testing over the phone or book online today.

What is psychological testing?

In a psychiatric setting, testing refers to assessments and evaluations that provide answers about your thought processes, behaviors, or genetics. All of these parameters can offer insight into how your brain functions and what you need to alleviate symptoms of various mental health disorders. 

Innovative Psychiatry, LLC offers several of the latest tests in the mental health field to provide patients with a high level of individualized care. The tests are simple, noninvasive, and don’t take much of your time. 

Your provider at Innovative Psychiatry, LLC lets you know which testing services apply to you and how they can progress your psychiatric care. They interpret the results in detail and answer any questions you have about what they mean and their validity. You may need multiple psychiatric tests during your time at Innovative Psychiatry, LLC. 

Which types of testing are available?

Innovative Psychiatry, LLC proudly offers psychiatric evaluations to initially diagnose mental health conditions or rule them out as a cause of your distress. They also offer a few advanced tests that serve more specialized purposes, such as:

Test of Variables of Attention (T.O.V.A.®)

T.O.V.A. helps diagnose and evaluate your level of function with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a behavioral condition that affects people of all ages. The test measures important components of your attention and inhibitory control, like your response time and impulsivity. It uses a simple yet boring computer game coupled with outside stimuli to test these measures. 

GeneSight® testing

GeneSight testing is a form of pharmacogenomic testing that evaluates your DNA. Based on the report of your genetic makeup, your provider is better able to choose medications that will improve your condition without causing concerning side effects. 

What are the benefits of testing?

The advanced testing methods available in psychiatry allow you to receive precise answers about the state of your mental health and the treatments that might help you manage it. In the past, diagnostic processes and treatment planning required significantly more trial and error. With today’s tests, you have a greater likelihood of finding a treatment that works for you. 

Ultimately, psychiatric testing services can save you time and money. You may not have to try as many medications or other services before finding treatment that works for you, and you won’t have to go through as many questionnaires that may have less accurate results than other tests. 

To learn more about testing services or schedule them for yourself, call Innovative Psychiatry, LLC, or book an appointment online today.