Additional Services


We offer expert psychiatric assessment, medication
management, and psychotherapy.

Psychiatric Services

Many psychiatrists in the area do not take insurance, and it can be very difficult to find psychiatrists within your insurance provider network. However, out-of-pocket fees are often unreasonable for many people seeking treatment. To address this gap and the needs of our patients, we have created a concierge-style, private practice environment with excellent clinicians, and lower fees than most out-of-network service providers.

We do work with select insurance companies, Cigna and Johns Hopkins Health Care (USFHP & EHP).

We also offer payment plans, and work with patients to ensure quality treatment at a reasonable costs. Our practice is unique in offering:

  • Choice: You can see our psychiatrist (a board-certified MD) for medication management. We are also proud to offer psychotherapy for comprehensive mental health care. 
  • Accessibility: There is a clinician available by phone and at your disposal in emergencies. 
  • Availability: We strive to accommodate urgent appointments, and value flexibility in scheduling. We also offer weekend and evening appointments. 
  • Efficiency: All intake forms are available here, or can be sent to you prior to your first appointment - your session time is valuable, and should be focused on you. You will be provided with a receipt to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement on the day of your appointment.

Pharmagenomic Testing

The GeneSight® test analyzes your DNA and helps you physician get a better understanding of what medication might work best based on your genetic makeup. Using the GeneSight test report, your physician can personalize your treatment plan, finding the right medication faster and avoiding medicines that may cause side effects.

T.O.V.A Testing (for ADHD)

The T.O.V.A. is the most widely used objective measure of attention in the world and is considered the "Gold Standard" among measures of its type. T.O.V.A. is an objective, accurate, and FDA-cleared continuous performance test (CPT) that measures the key components of attention and inhibitory control. TOVA is a neuropsychological assessment that measures a person's attention while screening for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Generally, the test is 21.6 minutes long and is presented as a simple, yet boring, computer game. The test is used to measure a number of variables involving the test takers' response to either a visual or auditory stimulus.

The visual T.O.V.A. aids in the assessment of and evaluation of treatment for, attention deficits, including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The T.O.V.A. is a culture- and language-free, sufficiently long computerized test. Responses to visual or auditory stimuli are recorded with a unique, highly accurate (±1 ms) microswitch. The T.O.V.A. calculates response time variability (consistency), the response time (speed), commissions (impulsivity), and omissions (focus and vigilance). These calculations are then compared to a large age- and gender-matched normative sample, as well as to a sample population of individuals independently diagnosed with ADHD. 

TMS (Transcranial magnetic stimulation)

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a lasting treatment for depression that uses non-invasive magnetic pulses to stimulate the mood center of the brain. This creates an electric current that has consistently been shown to help patients with treatment-resistant depression who have not found relief from their symptoms with other therapies, such as antidepressant medications or psychotherapy. Click Here to learn more. 

Therapeutic Services

We provide individual therapy to children, adolescents, and adults. We offer flexible appointments, including evening and Saturday appointments. Sessions are typically 50 minutes long. Because we believe in providing high-quality, equitable treatment to all clients, we are happy to offer payment plans in order to make therapeutic treatment accessible.